Thursday, May 27, 2010

NST #1

I know exactly what maternity outfit I was wearing when I laid on the table and they found no heartbeat last time. I make it a point never, ever to wear it to my doctor appointments. Neurotic much?

My doctor was called away to do a C section as it started. Then the dude wanted to do somersaults so kept going off monitor. An hour later, they had enough data. Looks good, with a few lows. Which was explained as him possibly "sitting on his cord" or "tugging it" - but they didn't stay low and overall he looked good. Fluid check (was high normal last week) was normal. Blood Pressure looks great. Blood sugars are great, still no meds needed. Cleared to travel 4 hours away by car for the long weekend.

The "lows" are plaguing my brain. It's fine, right? Why do I have a nagging feeling that the cord is around his neck and the rolls he is doing is causing the lows?


k@lakly said...

I never wore the outfit, which was one of my favs, again. I still have it, but it's tucked far away in the back of the closet.
I used to try and console myself with the rationale that all babies have lows and we only got to see ours b/c of all extra monitoring. Sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing. ugh.
I hope the F'ing ST's go by quickly and you can get this little dude into your arms and start worrying about things like running with scissors and playing with matches and um drinking with his auntie kalak...haha
Keeping it all crossed for you G, it's almost here.

Tash said...

I swear on all holy those tests STRESSED THE FUCK out of me. Made things worse. I don't know why they couldn't hook me up to something at home, while I slept, and recorded it in the office. And all the techs have stupid crap they say even though they're all extremely nice -- but "Hey, let's roll on your side and wake baby up/chill baby out -- this reading is a bit low/high" is NOT reassuring.

Bring a good mystery book, sip your icy water, and try not to keep eyes glued to the print out. Try.

We had to give my husband's very lovely cashmere sweater to goodwill because he refused to wear it again. I know what I'm wearing cuz I have pictures, but it's all so old and generic I couldn't tell you if I still have it or not. Doubtful.

Hang tough y'all.

Another Dreamer said...

I understand not wanting to wear the outfit to appointment again (*hugs*)

I hope the lows aren't anything major, but totally understand worrying.

Thinking positive thoughts.

Jayme said...

Oh NSTs. I'm not a fan.

Reba said...

you have that nagging feeling b/c you have been through losing a baby before and it is all you know.

i hope the lows are nothing at all to worry about.

i only had one NST and it was, as everyone else says, a Stress Test for sure! those things suck.

keep hanging in there.

missing_one said...

Lows are ok as long as they don't stay low
usually 110-160 is considered in the normal range (do you watch the screen as intently as I did?)

If you want to see the cord, you could pay out of pocket for one of the 4D ultrasounds? Or if your doc puts it on the referral, they can look at cord blood flow when they do your fluid check. It's not standard, but your OB can ask to have it done and then the tech has to

If you think you will have regrets, get it checked out. That was my motto. I kept thinking that IF something where to go wrong, I wanted to make sure I had no regrets and did everything I possibly could.

*hugs* hang in there!

Amy said...

Those hills and valleys (accels and decels) are exactly what they want to see on NST print-outs! They have to see so many accels and so many decels before they can take you off the NST and send you home. Low heartrates (as long as it didn't slip lower than 110) don't necessarily mean any type of cord compression... it could have been when he was resting in one spot. Getting still causes their heartrate to be lower. But I'm with the person who said to get a 4-d ultrasound if it'll make you feel more at ease!

janis said...

ugh, I hate that you have to worry, and it is hard not to. ((hugs))
They say the heart rate can vary quite a bit, and every baby is different, and they can say whatever shit and I am never convinced.
Hang in there... keeping good thoughts for you!

Sue said...

It's so hard to let go of the negatives, even when everything else is so positive.

The pajamas I was wearing when my water broke are long gone (though I did wear them for a while after - hanging on much?). I can still see them sitting in a pile on the bathroom floor as pulled on some dry clothes to go to the hospital. One of several images in my brain that won't go away.

Hoping time flies and the NSTs get easier. Hoping that soon you will have a squirmy, screamy little bundle in your arms.

c. said...

I wore the outfit again. I don't know why. I just felt I had to. It's gone now. Likely being worn by some bubble-headed, happy prego. I am thinking just now I should have kept it.

Thinking about you and this babe madly, G. The lows are probably nothing, but that's little comfort for someone who has been where we've been. I kind of agree with Kal about too much monitoring being a bad thing. I also know I would never have managed without it.

(Try to)Have a great long weekend. XO.

Mel said...

Just wanted to stop-in and say I'm thinking of you, my dear. I *fondly* remember the days of NST's...not my favorite either.

Why is it that the more in-control of the pregnancy we try to be, the more we feel like we're totally OUT of control??

Hoping and praying they get easier for you. *hugs*

Aurelia said...

Cords go all over the darn place during pregnancy. Seriously. The only issues are whether it's too long or too short, and is the blood flow fine. They have measured those previously--standard on every big ultrasound.

So, please don't worry. If things were really bad, bloodflow wise, you would feel sick, because it cuts off your bloodflow, not just the babies, and you feel fine.

So hang tough, enjoy, and keep going.

Any plans discussed yet for an early induction? Or anything?

CLC said...

I'd have them look at the cord blood flow the next time you get a fluid check. It's easy and quick and they should humor your request given your experience. It's probably nothing, but it is agony waiting for the little baby, isn't it? He will be here soon enough. Thinking of you G!

sara said...

NSTs should be a form of war torture - they can be so nerve wracking. I hope that the next few weeks fly by so you have your little one in your arms and all you have to worry about is what cute outfit to put on the baby :-)

Natalie said...

Yes, those tests always got my heartrate up, even when they were totally normal - and the one time she had a low I spent days fretting about it, about if the cord was being pinched, etc. Ugh. Sometimes I think it's better not to have the tests, you know? But either way I had anxiety, so yeah.

Another Dreamer said...

Hope all is well- been thinking of you.

noswimmers said...

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I'm thinking about you...hope all is going well.